1. Who uses Solbit?

Solbit is especially made for families with children. Solbit is designed to be a young child’s companion and enhances parents’ role in early childhood education and development.

2. What functions does Solbit feature?

Solbit’s core is an AI system (artificial intelligence) tailored to focus on learning, childhood development and family engagement.

An on-board projector enables Solbit to display a variety of content elements and emotions as it interacts with the family.  Solbit’s head and neck can turn to engage with the people around him. With its wheels, it can easily move on tiles and carpets.

3. I have heard a lot about robots recently. How is Solbit better?

Solbit has been built from the ground up based on insights from a series of education experts to focus on child development. Where several robots try to do some of everything, every element of Solbit is designed to brighten a child’s life while strengthening the child’s educational development.

Solbit is also priced lower than other robots that offer mobility, entertainment display and artificial intelligence (AI).

4. Is Solbit’s data secured?

Absolutely. Solbit’s team includes professionals with decades of experience in information security. Therefore, Solbit will be incorporating advanced data and identity security procedures from day one.

5. What are Solbit’s technical specs?

Size: 12” x 13” x 19”

Weight: 11 lbs

Battery Life: 3-5 hours

Display: 3D projected imagery

Additional features: on-board sensors for sound and object recognition

6. When will Solbit be available?

Our upcoming crowdfunding campaign will launch in Q1 2017, with initial orders being delivered in the Summer 2017.

7. How can I support Solbit?

Get the word out! Please share the Kickstarter campaign link with your social and professional networks.

We are also engaging charities and school systems that mesh with our vision to impact education and welcome related proposals.

Last but not least, we welcome development ideas for further enhancing Solbit.

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